#ClaudieThanksYou Challenge

In this complicated context, the Claudie Pierlot teams are committed to the heroes of our society. Thank you to the millions of people who fight every day to contribute to the smooth running of this containment: doctors, nurses, care assistants but also delivery staff, farmers, employees of food companies, public transport employees, logistics, distribution... You are our heroes!

To support this cause we have decided to launch a challenge including you: our community.

Join us by participating in the #ClaudieThanksYou challenge!


You have until April 12th to share a photo of yourself in public in your Instagram story by making a heart-shaped hand wave. It is necessary to tag @claudiepierlot in order to be considered for participation. Your participation must be unique, i.e. only one photo per Instagram account.

Thus for each photo received we will donate 10€ to the solidarity fund for the fight against COVID-19 set up by the World Health Organization and in collaboration with the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation. If you wish to have more information about this fund you can click here. This within the limit of 10 000€ of funds donated by Claudie Pierlot.